Friday, 14 September 2007

Restringing aint a buzz

I've always changed stringed on my guitars fairly regularly, I can't stand the sound of a dull guitar and love the jangle a fresh set of strings gives. Not all people are like this however, if fact my experience is that the majority of people will leave strings on their guitars until they break...

Whatever your habits are, changing strings eventually gets to be a giant pain the the proverbial backside, especially when you have more than one guitar to change. Recently I had the pleasure of changing four guitars in one marathon session, and what topped it? Blasted 12 string guitar! The damn thing is an absolute nightmare to restring and subsequently tune, and took as long as the other three alone.

Regardless of all this it was completely worth it, each guitar now sounds brilliant (There's nothing like the sound of a freshly restrung 12 string). So all you people who like to wait until it becomes absolutely necessary to change your strings, try doing it more regularly, and hear the difference.

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Ben D said...

But think of all the money you save on strings... I bet I'll have saved enough for a new PRS in 20 years if I don't change any strings in that time. Think about that, eh?