Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Die Guitar!

Before people start accusing me of heresy and attempting to stab me to death with an over-pointy BC Rich of some sort I'd better qualify exactly what is meant in the title...

How careful are you with your guitar? Do you treat it like a piece of priceless china? Or thrash the hell out of it, smack people in the face with it, and generally do everything but directly attempt to destroy it?

I've been known to bend my acoustic neck in order to get a trem like effect at times, much to the horror on friends and family "It could damage the guitar, the neck might snap!" well, the neck has already done so once, though not as a result of me bending it (Clean separation along the scarf due to a bad glue joint). In any case - Depending on what guitar I'm using I'll end up treating them completely differently, the Telecaster gets knocked around a fair bit whereas the PRS gets mollycoddled, and there'll be hell to pay if I find out it has a scratch!

My personal philosophy on the matter is that it all depends on the guitar, and exactly what you're trying to do with it. The perception of an instrument, while not affecting the musician in any direct or physical sense is something that helps the player to become comfortable using it.

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Ben D said...

Apparently it's all down to whether you're a Fender or a Gibson person. Fender people smash 'em up, Gibson people break down sobbing at the first nick. As for Taylor people - they RAGE when people even make a move to pick up their guitar. True story.